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Non-toxic, Odorless, Environmentally Friendly, Light Weight
Apr 28, 2018

PP board characteristics: low density; heat resistance, no deformation; high rigidity; high surface strength; good chemical stability; non-toxic and harmless;

Features and uses: The product is non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, light weight PP sheet (polypropylene) Features: Impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, smooth surface appearance, low density, light weight, not welding It will produce poisonous gas and be processed easily. Applications: Circuit board and metal surface treatment tanks, circuit board wet processing equipment, plant exhaust system equipment, waste water and other environmental protection system equipment, half-channel industrial equipment PP board density is small, good health performance, with good Corrosion resistance and high heat resistance, high strength, high temperature resistance. Can be filled, reinforced, flame retardant, modified, the surface can be embossed, frosted. Widely used in chemical industry anti-corrosion projects.

In recent years, there are many new environmentally friendly materials, but the most widely used is the PP board. Not only the decoration industry, but also many household appliances and industries, will use this material. The material itself has good corrosion resistance, a certain degree of transparency, and its own cost-effectiveness.

The service life of the product is very long, and its own expansion rate is very small. The outer surface of the sheet is very smooth, generally ranging in thickness from 2 mm to 30 mm, and the thickness of the sheet used outdoors is greater. Nowadays, the sales volume of PP board is very good, and it is often sold abroad. It is also well received by many customers.

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