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Label Paper Selection Is Also A Very Important Part
Apr 28, 2018

To get a perfect quality label, in addition to configuring a high-quality bar code printer, a reasonable selection of labels is also a very important part. At present, the bar code printer industry is more than a self-adhesive label. Adhesive label is composed of three parts: release paper, face paper and adhesive that are both bonded together. Release paper is commonly called "backing paper" and its surface is oily. The backing paper has an insulating effect on the adhesive, so it is used It acts as an attachment to the tissue to ensure that the tissue can be easily peeled from the liner, also known as a release liner. The backing paper is divided into ordinary backing paper and GLASSINE backing paper. The ordinary backing paper has rough texture and large thickness. According to its color, it has yellow and white colors. The commonly used self-adhesive backing paper for the printing industry is an economical yellow bottom. paper. GLASSINE paper is dense, uniform and has good internal strength and transparency. It is a common material for bar code labels. Its common colors are blue and white. We usually say that label paper is coated paper, thermal paper, etc., which means paper. Paste paper is the carrier of the label printing content. According to its material, it is divided into copperplate paper, thermal paper, PET, PVC and other types. The back of the tissue is coated with an adhesive, which on the one hand ensures the proper adhesion of the backing paper and the facial tissue, and on the other hand ensures that the facial tissue is peeled off and that it has a strong adhesiveness to the adhesive.

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