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High Strength And Durability
Apr 28, 2018

There is a problem of interfacial adhesion between polymers, between polymers and non-metals or metals, between metals and metals, and between metal and non-metals, etc., between polymer materials and different materials. Adhesive bonding is a type of technology that has a strong comprehensive and influencing factors. However, the existing adhesive bonding theory is based on starting from a certain aspect to elaborate its principle. Therefore, the only comprehensive theory has not been found so far.

In order to ensure the quality of glue, the following points must be made:

(1) Choose the right adhesive.

(2) Both adhesive strength and durability are both taken into account.

(3) Do not use adhesives that exceed the shelf life and pot life.

(4) One-component glue should be mixed evenly before use if it is stratified, precipitated and used.

(5) Multi-component adhesives should be blended and mixed according to the specified ratio.

(6) Do not use simple docking.

(7) Use lap joints, miter connections, socket connections, and hybrid connections as much as possible.

(8) Lap length should not be too long.

(9) Adhesive laminates should not be lapped and mitered

(10) Add screw and rivet, curl corners, prevent peeling.

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