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Good Waterproof Performance And High Viscosity
Apr 28, 2018

The yellow armyworm board insecticide technology is a physical control technology that utilizes the yellowing of insects to trap and kill agricultural pests. It is green, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. The annual application can greatly reduce the number of medicines used. The use of yellow paper (board) coated with shellac to trap and kill insects can effectively reduce the density of insects, does not cause pesticide residues and pest resistance, and can cure a variety of insect pests. It can control small fly insects, whiteflies, aphids, leafhoppers, and thrips and other small insects. Blue plates are more effective in attracting leafhoppers. Sex attractants can be used to cull adult insects of various pests.

Yellow plate production method: purchase sticky insect paper, lemon yellow paint with lemon yellow Wantong plate (or plastic plate, wood), an area of about 20 cm × 30 cm, evenly coated with glue on both sides of the board (if no sticky Shellac can be replaced with mucilage glue). Simple production, after the board, plastic board or cardboard box board and other materials painted yellow, then coated with a layer of butter or motor oil.

Requirements: double-sided trapping, paper to be smooth without curling, good water resistance, high viscosity.

Hanging plate time: when used for prevention and control, in the early stage of pest occurrence; when used for monitoring, it is suspended from the spring and is suspended from 1 to 2 blocks per acre.

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