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Can Maintain Tension And Stability For A Long Time
Apr 28, 2018

There are mainly the following factors that will affect the quality of stencils:

1, the production process

We have discussed the manufacturing process of stencils before. We can know that the best process should be electro-polishing after laser cutting. Both chemical etching and electroforming have processes that make errors in exposure, exposure, and development easier, and electroforming is also affected by the unevenness of the substrate.

2, the use of materials

Including net boxes, screens, steel sheets, adhesives, etc. The frame must be able to withstand the relay of a certain program and have a good degree of level; the screen is best to use polyester mesh, which can maintain tension and stability for a long time; steel sheet is best to use 304, and the matt will be better than the mirror More conducive to solder paste (glue) rolling; adhesive glue must be strong enough and can withstand a certain degree of corrosion.

3, opening design

The quality of the stencil is most affected by the design of the opening. As discussed earlier, the opening design should consider the manufacturing process, aspect ratio, area ratio, and empirical values.

4, production of information

The integrity of the production data will also affect the quality of the stencil. The better the data, the better. At the same time, when data coexist, it should be clear which one should prevail. Also, in general, stencils made from data files can minimize errors.

5, use method

The correct printing method can maintain the quality of the stencil. Conversely, incorrect printing methods, such as excessive pressure, stencil or PCB not printing, will damage the stencil.

6, cleaning

Paste (glue) is relatively easy to cure. If it is not cleaned in time, it will block the opening of the steel mesh, and the next printing will be difficult. Therefore, the stencil should be promptly cleaned after it is removed from the machine or printed on the printer for 1 hour.

7, storage

The stencil application specific storage site cannot be randomly placed so as to avoid accidental injury to the stencil. At the same time, the stencils should not be stacked together, so that it would be difficult for them to bend the frame.

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