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Randomness, cheapness, confidentiality
Apr 28, 2018

1. Arbitrariness - Whatever you want, whatever you want. Hiding behind a mask, you can arbitrarily choose your own character, choose your own style, and choose your own dress. All of you hide behind a mask. In this night full of ghostly atmosphere, you can play a black dressed witch; you can choose a white dress, make a beautiful Snow White, there are two classic fangs vampire is also very scary. In short, you can use it as much as you can.

2, cheap - low-cost purchase props. A dazzling masquerade requires the organizers to provide participants with one of the most exaggerated and weird shapes. The shape is not necessarily a lot of money to buy dresses, all in their own ideas. You can dig two holes in the sheets and cover them tightly from head to toe. You can apply the entire box of paint to your face. You can also dress yourself up as a cheeky monster. You can also wear a cute fox mask...

3, confidentiality - the rules of the game can not be destroyed by anyone. In order to enter a world that surpasses the shackles of reality, lustrous and mysterious, and frees itself from the other side hidden in real life and burns passion, it is necessary to “disguise” itself. Under strange lighting and music, dancing with strangers, no one knows that you will be so passionate today or gentle or gentle.

4, inclusive - for a variety of dress, style and eclectic. In order to allow successful people living under real pressure to be completely relaxed here, to be happy and to vent intensely and excitedly, the evening will attract a variety of dresses and various styles, eclectic. In the passion and excitement of the night, in the magical gorgeous light, there is a beautiful beauty with dreams, and a mysterious witch who shuttles between them. The shadow of Ms. Quigno is passing by the wind, and Memphis' eyes with strange eyes flash over. Trinity's elegant temperament jumps in the air...

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