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More effective trapping of pests
Apr 28, 2018

Whether yellow, blue or green: The height of the trap when trapped is important. When plants are in seedlings, they should be hung higher than the seedlings by 10-15 cm. When the plant height is close to the trapping board, the height of the plant is increased by 10-15 cm. If the height of the crop is 0.8-1 m, the traps should be hung between the rows at the same height as the crop. This is a good way to get close to plants and trap insects more effectively. There is also an immediate method of catching insects. When the plants are taller, more lush, and there are more pests, several insect traps can be used to connect the plants in a row. People are standing in the middle of the plant line. A hand-trap can shake the plants with a small wooden stick and vibrate while walking. It can be seen that small pests such as whitefly, like smoke, flock to the trap board in one direction. The insect trap is covered with countless pests within a few minutes, and a new trap board can be replaced. , repeat!

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