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Label paper is widely used
Apr 28, 2018

Nowadays, many labels are widely used. I believe most people have encountered it. We usually buy vases, bowls, plastic products, glass products, and ceramic products that we bought at supermarkets, and we will also have manufacturers' labels on them. Although the surface of the printing paper can be peeled off, the glue that can be glued underneath is not always torn.

Because ordinary stickers generally contain petroleum resins, acrylics, and other polymer materials, the viscosity is relatively high. Manufacturers want to stick a little tightly and they won't fall during transportation, but they're too sticky and inconvenient to tear. At present, there is not a process that can both ensure the strength of the adhesive and can be easily torn off without leaving any traces.

But in general, alcohol, gasoline or nail polish, hand cream and other diluents can help remove these stickers easily and completely. The method is to peel off a layer of paper on the surface of the label, apply alcohol or gasoline, and then rub it on the surface by hand to make it fully saturate the adhesive and wipe it off with a cloth.

However, with these solvents, it is also possible to cause damage to the surface of the appliance. At present, a better method is to use hot water or a hair dryer to blow the adhesive, and then use a damp cloth to remove the adhesive. This method will not cause damage to the item.

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