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Durable and corrosion resistant
Apr 28, 2018

The stencil was originally made of wire mesh, so it was called a mask at that time. The beginning was a nylon (polyester) mesh. Later, due to durability, there was the appearance of wire mesh and copper mesh, and finally stainless steel mesh. However, no matter what the screen material is, it has the disadvantages of poor molding and low precision.

With the development of SMT, stencils will be created as the demand for stencils increases. Affected by the material cost and the ease of production, the original stencils were made of iron/copper, but because of the rust, stainless steel stencils replaced them, which is now the SMT stencil.

SMT stencil is a "pretty" precision mold, so when using it should pay attention to:

1. Take light care;

2. Before use, the steel net should be cleaned (wiped) to remove the dirt carried during transport;

3, Paste or red glue should be evenly mixed, so as not to block open hole;

4. The printing pressure is adjusted to the best: the pressure of the solder paste (red glue) on the steel net can be best when the scraper is just enough;

5, printing is best to use paste printing;

6. After the stroke of the squeegee is completed, if possible, it is better to stop the mold for 2 to 3 seconds, and the demoulding speed should not be too fast;

7, can not use hard objects or sharp tools hit the stencil;

8. After the stencil is used up, it shall be promptly cleaned and returned to the packing box and placed on a special storage rack.

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